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TEOS 2024

Art Sales event with Sculpture, Printmaking, and Photography at Merikaapelihalli, Cable Factory, 11-19 May 2024

The Association of Finnish Sculptors, the Association of Finnish Printmakers, and the Association of Photographic Artists, are for the first time together organising a large-scale sales exhibition of contemporary art. The TEOS 2024 event takes place in May at the Cable Factory’s Merikaapelihalli and offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience and purchase art created by professional artists living in Finland. Most of the works are also available for sale in our online shop.

This year, a record number of 370 artists are participating in the sales exhibition. The organisations’ members include both experienced and emerging talents, and in total around 2000 works will be exhibited, representing a wide and diverse range of sculpture, graphics and photography.

Purchased artworks can be taken home immediately from the event, and payment can also be made in instalments. You can also view the works from home via the online shop.

Taidehaistelija, the ”Nose for Art”, is available to meet at the event. His passion is to connect the right person with the right work, and in TEOS 2024 he helps the seeker on their quest. Taidehaistelija will be present on Saturday 11 May at 11-14 and Wednesday 14 May at 13-18.

TEOS 2024 is open to the public and free to visit. The staff will be happy to help you and answer questions.

TEOS 2024
11-19 May 2024
Merikaapelihalli, Cable Factory
Entrance through Lobby C
Kaapeliaukio 3, 00180 Helsinki

Mon-Sun, 11am-6pm


TEOS Online Shop
11-30 May 2024


TEOS, a large-scale art sales event, has been organised for over 20 years. It originated as a procurement opportunity for the State Art Purchase Committee and other collections. Nowadays, the event showcases artworks available for purchase by both public and private collectors, drawing audiences of up to 10,000 visitors.


The Association of Finnish Printmakers, the Association of Finnish Sculptors, and the Association of Photographic Artists are nationally-recognised organisations and part of the Artists’ Association of Finland. They represent professional artists and engage in various facilitative and exhibition activities. Each association maintains its own art gallery in Helsinki: Galleria G, Sculptor Gallery, and Photographic Gallery Hippolyte. Galleria G and Sculptor Gallery house the associations’ own year-round sales collections for printmaking and sculpture, and Photographic Gallery Hippolyte operates a photography bookshop. Artworks and books can be acquired via direct contact with the gallery or from each association’s online shop throughout the year:


Association of Finnish Sculptors / Galleria Sculptor
050 360 1180 or 050 360 1181

Association of Finnish Printmakers / Galleria G
050 362 2091 or 046 939 8666

Association of Photographic Artists / Photographic Gallery Hippolyte
09 612 3344